The Importance Of An Extractor Fan In Good Home Ventilation

Published: 14th May 2012
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The prevalence of technology in everyday life in the past twenty years has greatly eliminated the need for families and individuals to spend time outdoors. Further aggravating the matter is an increasing crime rate, discouraging people from going outside after dark, and a decrease in disposable income, making families think twice before spending money on entertainment outside of the home. The result is that families find themselves, whether by choice or circumstance, spending more of their free time indoors.

Houses too, have changed in order to accommodate this way of life. One example is the way in which they have become increasingly air-tight due to insulation and windows and doors designed to keep water and cold air out. Although uncomfortable during winter months, this cold, fresh air is essential to create natural ventilation and restore the air balance inside homes. Any physician would tell you that a lack of oxygen cannot be good for living things, and a good daily dose of fresh nature-air, is a vital ingredient for a healthy life. That which was not a problem in an earlier age where doors let air in and natural ventilation occurred, now creates a hot-house of old, stale air very poor in oxygen.

One-O-one of science teaches that hot air rises to the top. This is especially applicable in homes that have attics or lofts. Apart from the hot air in homes created when the sun heats up the home, humans produce a surprising amount of hot air on a daily basis. Mix this with harmful gasses generated from cooking, smoking and house-hold cleaning products, and you have a badly ventilated home loosing oxygen from the top down and hot air condensing at the top where it cannot escape. This could lead to respiratory problems, drowsiness and an incapability to think clearly. It also creates ideal conditions for mites, spores, mould and mildew to grow in - causing further damage human health, as well as wood ceilings and fixtures.

One quick and easy solution to the ventilation problem is the installation of an air conditioner. Unfortunately it is also an energy intensive solution. A more energy efficient solution to the problem of ventilation in modern homes is that of an extractor fan, which extracts the hot, old air from inside and replaces it with cooler, fresh air from outside.

Extractor fans are especially efficient in ventilation when installed in laundries, laboratories, work rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and attics where the most hot and contaminated air is present. Here smoke, odours, heat, steam, chemicals and other airborne gasses deplete the oxygen in the air, creating unpleasant and unsafe living conditions for humans. In such an area an extractor fan can work extremely efficient by extracting these oxygen depleting substances and replacing it with fresh air from outside. This fresh air is pushed to the bottom, by the hot air, and becomes available for humans to utilise. If, in addition, the home is equipped with ventilation holes, a much better ventilation system is able to regulate the fresh air-flow in a in order to optimise lung and brain functions through effective breathing.

Moreover, solar extractor fans are also becoming much more prevalent. These units are installed on the roof, and extract the hot air as solar energy propels the fan. Apart from utilising less energy than a regular extractor fan, and a lot less than an air conditioner, it also does not dry out the air. This is another effect of bad ventilation, which is often found with the use of air conditioners, causing further health problems.

Although the importance of a well ventilated home cannot be disputed, there is more than one way to go about achieving efficient flow of fresh air. When considering installations to this end, one needs to look at the option which will deliver the most benefits for the inhabitants, and cause the least possible amount of harm to the environment.

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